Minimum age and driving license year details subject to vehicle groups are stated in the following table.


Minimum Age

Minimum Driving License Year

Minimum Young Driver Age

Minimum Young Driver's Driving License Year






















Payment Conditions

Total rental amount, additional services and insurance values are collected online through credit card belonging to renter during reservation. Holder of credit card should attend personally during rental. The rental can not be made through credit card belonging to others. Pre-provision is blocked at definite ratio from credit card submitted by the customer according to brand and model of rental vehicle in addition to rental value. (Pre-provision amounting to at least 750 TL can be blocked for economic group vehicles and pre-provision amounting to at least 1000 TL can be blocked for middle group vehicles.Provision amounting to at least 2000 TL  can be blocked for high group vehicles.  Provision amounting to at least 2000 TL each is blocked from two separate credit cards (from two different banks) for Mercedes Benz C series and over, BMW 3 series and over premium vehicles. These amounts are minimum amounts, and higher amount can be blocked by office authorities according to criteria such as brand of vehicle, rental period etc. during delivery of vehicle. Therefore, it is required available limit for total value of pre-provision. Pre-provision shall be released if any, after values which are not available on the reservation such as stated additional service, assurances, deficient fuel, damage, fine etc. are deducted at the end of rental.

Pre-provision return transaction reflects into your credit card within 25 business days after return transaction is performed because of interior communication in the bank.


Prepaid (Online) Reservation Conditions:

Online Payment states that rental value and selected additional service values shall be paid online. The card used at the stage of online reservation and holder of card should be available in the office at the beginning of rental and should sign the lease agreement. In case of prepaid reservations via internet, lease agreement is not opened and any transaction is not performed in the office without transaction card and holder of card. Cash payment and Virtual Card application is not available.  

In the event that RIGORENT fails to perform rental service because of its own reasons, whole of amount prepared by customer is returned. Fees such as all kinds of commissions, exchange difference, service fee etc. to be applied for any reason by the bank that is owner of used credit card is not under responsibility of RIGORENT trademark during the stage of reflecting such payments into credit card of our customers.


Cancellation and Return Conditions:

In case you cancel your reservation according to start of rental


  •  Before 24 hours to the pick up time , whole of rental value is returned.
  •  In 24 hours or less 1 day rental value will be deducted.

By the Free Cancellation Service which you can buy on request at extras page, you can cancel your reservation until last 3 hours before the pick up time, with no charges.

Reservation Change:

Any change can not be made in any prepaid reservation. In case it is requested to make any reservation change, reservation should be cancelled and above written cancellation and return conditions are valid. New prepaid reservation can be made according to requested change following the cancellation. 


Unused Days:

In case vehicle is returned before date range as stated in the reservation form after start of rental, return is not made for unused days. In case our customer does not take the vehicle at the date and time as stated in the reservation form although prepaid reservation has been made, collected prepayment amount is not returned.

Extension of Rental:

In case rental period exceeds return date as stated in the reservation form in any rental made with prepaid reservation, additional value for extension of lease agreement is collected from the credit card submitted at the start of rental.


Rental Period

Minimum rental period is calculated over 24 hours fees for daily rental, and 30 days for monthly rental.

Vehicle Return Period


In case of delays exceeding 3 hours in return of vehicles, rental value for 1 day is collected.



Services and Products that are included and are not included in the Prices: 

Collusion Damage Waiver, Theft Insurance, Mandatory Liability Insurance and 18 % Value Added Tax are included in the prices in the daily vehicle rental service. Fuel Oil, Personal Accident Insurance, High Coverage Liability Insurance, One – Way Fee, Baby Seat, GPS, Additional Driver and Highway Passage Device- Card Usage Fee are calculated additionally. 


One Way Fee

In case it is requested to lease or to deliver the vehicle in a different point other than stated stations, one way fee is applied. Fee details vary based on office and can be seen at the stage of reservation. You can obtain detailed information by contacting with our Call Center.



Vehicles are expected to be returned at the same fuel level of delivery. In case of missing fuel, service charge +missing fuel charge may be applied. 


Highway Toll Collection (OGS/HGS)

Passages for OGS/HGS service used in toll highway and bridge passages are collected separately from vehicle rental fee.


Delivery to Address

Rented vehicle is taken delivery from the office and delivered to the office.


Vehicle Driving Kilometer Limits  

Daily and monthly rental kilometer limits subject to vehicle groups are stated in the following table.

In case of driving over stated kilometers, current kilometer excess value is collected.

You can also purchase the mileage package.


If the km limit is exceeded, it is calculated with TL 0.30 per km. Our current Mileage limit is as follows.


  1 – 3 DAY 4 – 7 DAY 8 – 15 DAY 16 – 30 DAY 30+ DAY
KM/DAY 300 250 200 150 100




Milage Packages


250 km mileage package 60 TL
500 km mileage package 120 TL
1000 km mileage package 200 TL







Additional Driver

In order that vehicle can be driven by person and/or persons other than lessee, Driving License details of additional driver should be added to Lease Agreement with additional fee. In case of any accident of driver and/or drivers who is/are not stated in the rental agreement, all assurances shall be deemed invalid and both lessee and also, driver/drivers are held jointly and severally responsible. Rental conditions for additional driver is the same as conditions in Driving License and Age Limitations. 

Each additional driver fee after 1st driver can be seen at the stage of reservation. You can obtain detailed information by contacting with our Call Center.



GPS fee detail can be seen at the stage of reservation. You can obtain detailed information by contacting with our Call Center.


Baby and Child Seat

Baby and child seat fee detail can be seen at the stage of reservation. You can obtain detailed information by contacting with our Call Center.


Traffic Fines

All kinds of responsibilities and material traffic fines which shall arise from failure to comply with traffic laws in force belong to the driver. Traffic fines, and banned bridge, highway passage fines which are imposed during rental period but arrive us after the end of rental are collected from person and/or company as stated in the lease agreement. The period which shall elapse because of arrest of vehicles by public or local authorities for whichever reason is regarded within the term of agreement. 

Additional Insurances:

Explanation about our assurances is in the following. Explanations are for general and informatory purpose. RIGORENT reserves right to change these details in the course of time.

You can buy assurances which are not included in your price during reservation.

High Coverage Liability Insurance: Assurances covering damages to third parties.

Personal Accident Insurance: An insurance assuring driver and persons in the vehicle within the insurance limits. It is calculated based on number of seats in the vehicle.



In the following cases, Insurance Benefit Coverage shall be invalid and consequential loss shall not be covered by the insurance:

- In case vehicle is driven by any person other than persons whose names are written in the lease agreement,

- In case vehicle is driven out of normal driving conditions (driving the vehicle with high engine temperature, bad road conditions or driving on flat tire, filling incorrect fuel and other similar situations),

- Driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, 

- In case cargo transported in the vehicle causes damage or accident,

- In case any accident or theft, which has occurred, is not notified to contact phone numbers to be provided to customer immediately, the vehicle is abandoned at scene of the accident (except any preventive situation determined by doctor report),

- In case of any accident reports (traffic and alcohol report) are not received within 48 hours from competent authorities,

- In case vehicle is stolen, failure of delivery of the original keys,

- In case vehicle is not delivered although rental period expires and without obtaining approval,

- In case cargoes transported in the vehicle cause damage to vehicle or counterparty,

- Material compensation amounts which shall arise from damage to third parties are under coverage of mandatory financial liability insurance. Amounts out of coverage limits are under the responsibility of lessee.

- Lessor is not responsible for loss or damage of any goods left or forgotten in or on the vehicle by Lessee or another person within or before rental period or after return of vehicle to Lessor, and Lease has agreed and undertaken in advance that it releases Lessor in this issue. 

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